Sunday, December 26, 2010


Jaffna (Yalpanam) Peninsula – Sri Lanka
Jaffna is a major city in the northern Sri Lanka. It was also a capital for a Tamil Kingdom that fell to the Portuguese in 1619. In past Jaffna called as Jambukolapatna, Jambudvipa etc… In past, Jaffna is a major commercial Port in Sri Lanka. It is situated within ten degrees of latitude to the north of the equator. It is in close proximity to the sub-continent of India and separated from it by the Palk Channel and the Bengal Bay. Jaffna is actually an island but there is a narrow Causeway called as Elephant Pass (Alimankada).
The Peninsula covers 2560 square km (999 square miles). The district of Jaffna is one of the most populated areas of Sri Lanka & it is second only to Colombo. Most of the area is dry and sandy. The Palmyra palm is the most common tree within the Peninsula.

Before 30 years, Jaffna had it all, friendly people, a rich culture, salubrious climate and a picturesque environment go to make it a veritable traveler's paradise. Due to the Civil War, the Peninsula lost is natural beauty. But at present, the peninsula is developing again to attract people. Now that the guns have fallen silent and peace is in sight, domestic tourism in this long forgotten northern retreat is gradually catching on. After almost 20 years, travelers now can reach Jaffna either by land or air.
Most of the Jaffna Tamil people are well educated & have their traditional culture, modesty. Jaffna Peninsula is full with Tamil Kovils. Jaffna University, Public Library, Muneeswaram Kovil, Nallor Kovil, King Sangiliyan’s Minister’s House, Nagadeepa, Jaffna Fort (was built in 1680 by the Dutch. It is now a military no-go area), Mannar Island are some of major points within the peninsula.

The Elephant Pass is the major entrance point to the Peninsula.Since the recent end of the Sri Lankan Civil War, more efforts have been made to protect the archaeological sites surrounding Jaffna. In fall of 2009, three settlement sites at least 2,000 years old were found on the east side of the peninsula that Jaffna is located on.

This is the example blasted vehicle, which is used to investigate jeep bomb blast of General Densil Kobbekaduwa in 1992.
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