Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Tragedy of the Giant Tusker

I am working in Keangnam Enterprises Ltd in Galgamuwa and I heard that wild life officers in the area captured a Tusker near to our office. My desires led me go there & see him. He is a Giant Tusker & this is the story of him. At this time he lived very happily with his friends roaming here & there in his home land close to Galgamuwa.
At present, man captured their home land gradually and the conflict between the man & the elephants began. Elephants come to the village in search of food & some people kill them. Some times elephants attack people. However most of the people love elephants and the villages call them as “Deyyo” (God).

The Giant we are talking about was also coming to this village one day in search of food and two people were killed by him. Perhaps he was afraid of them.

After this incident wild life officers decided to transfer the Giant from his home land to another jangle & they started the operation of capturing him. Some how they could capture him on 22.12.2010. After capturing he spent two days in their custody. He tried his best to escape them in vain. During these days villages provided him food and looking after him.
But when he saw the large vehicle which comes to transport him, he fallen down to the earth and cried & cried & cried to show his aversion to go. I saw this by my own eyes and he could make tears in our eyes. However finally wild life officers loaded him to the vehicle without considering his resistance, (Because they thought of his safety).
On 24.12.2010 (Shedding tears innocent Giant expressed his unwillingness of leaving his home land) he was carried away & the villages breathe freely thinking both the Giant & the Villages are safe.
Unfortunately their happiness lasted very little time. We heard that the Giant Tusker gone forever while transporting. The reasons for his untimely death were not revealed yet.

However this is an irreparable lost to Sri Lanka because he was the Tusker with the longest Tusks (6 Feet) in Sri Lanka. He is believed to be the Tusker with the longest Tusks in Asia.
The tragedy behind the story that the activities of the man cause not only loosing the home land but also the lives of the Wild Animals.


Amila Kanchana said...

This is all very unfortunate,there never is a well planed,well coordinated,long term plan to save the jumbos and let the villages live with out fear of them.

GDB said...

do you have an email address to which I can write you?
I am writing a similar article about the last Asiatic big tuskers
many thanks,
Dian Balan

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