Friday, March 4, 2011

Red-vented Bulbul Babies

Once a upon day, I saw some interesting incident in my father’s bed room. That is a bird called “Red-vented Bulbul “in Sinhala we called them as Kondakurulla (Pycnonotus cafer cafer, Family: Timaliidae, Genus: Pycnonotus) came my father’s bed searching a place for build his nest. He brought small sticks and put them on hood rack of the bed. But he failed to do so. There is a lady bird also. They tried & tried but all sticks are fall down. Then, my father put a small box on hood rack & they built their nest in that box.  
After some days we saw there were three small eggs in the nest. Lady bird was always in the nest and her partner flies here and there close to the nest.

After some days we saw there were three new cute babies.  Father & mother of these babies were very busy those days.

They flied here and there & find foods & gave those to their babies. They sang songs too.

Finally, I saw some special behavior from mother bird. She was not willing to give foods to her babies. She came to the nest and suddenly flies away and again come, again again.  Baby birds also tried to get out of the nest. Sometimes may be hungry. Then their parents supported them to come out. They tried again & again. At the end our cute babies could fly away from the nest. 
It is happy to say, I could capture this story from the beginning to the end to my camera.


rainfield61 said...

Congratulation!! You are now a confirmed paparazzi.

Shifan said...


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