Monday, November 10, 2008

Waterfalls in Badulla


Height of the Dunhida Fall is 63Mtrs. Dunhinda is at Badulla - Mahiyangana road and there are about 10km from Badulla town. The water fall is fed by Badulla Oya. Dunhida, in Sinhala means spray. Dunhinda waterfall is one of the big waterfalls in Sri Lanka which is at Soranathota. Dunhinda waterfall is made by jump water with high gap of Badulu River.

Bathing in Dunhinda waterfall is very danger because downside of the fall is very deep and it contains stones. Dunhinda is very famous waterfall in world after showing the drama of "Dunhinda Addara".

Badulla - Mahiyanganaya road - 10Kmtrs. - Dunhinda

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