Saturday, November 13, 2010

Embekke Dewalaya

Embekke Dewalaya is situated at Emmbekke Village 3 Kmtrs. away from Peradeniya Botanical Garden. This is belongs to the 14th century and built by King Wickramabahu III. This is the Wooden Wonder in Sri Lanka. It is decorated by wooden pillars with engravings of swans, lions, bulls, elephants and other such animals. On these pillars you will often find motifs like leafs, flowers, soldiers, dancing women and even mermaids. There are a total of 128 carvings on these pillars.
The digge inside the Embekke Devalaya, Kandy is 52 feet, 10 inches long and 25 feet, 9 inches wide. Thirty two square shaped pillars guard it. The types of wood used for building this structure are
  • gammalu
  • ginisapu
  • na
  • pihibiya.
The wooden pillars inside the digge usually have a stone base.
Embekka is unique,because it owns some of the gratest carvings in Sri lanka. There are total of eight buildings built for the temple of Embekka. Six buildings are in the inner temple, and two of them outside. The structure that are inside the surrounding wall are known as the 'inner temple'. The structures that are outside the wall are known as the 'outer temple'. Embekke is world famous for wood carvings in the pillars of the drummer's hall which are considered to be some of the best exhibitions of ancient Sri Lankan craftsmanship.
Embekke Devalaya is an ancient shrine and a temple dedicated to lord Kataragama. This is a national heritage site which attracts a large number of both local and foriegn tourists annually.

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