Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Beruwala is the one of most important Islamic town in Sri Lanka. The Light House, Port, and Kichchimale Mosque are the most important places in Beruwala.
Beruwala port was used by Oland’s people in past years. The port has capacity to park small ships. The Kichchimale Mosque which was built in C.D. 1024 is one of the most important places within the Beruwala town. There is a light house in Baberiyan Island. It was built in 1928. It is 110 Ft. height and consists with five floors. There are 140 staircases within the light house. To build this, Officers were used technical support from the British architectures and engineers.

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Kirigalpoththa said...

Nice pictures! I like the first one very much.

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