Monday, April 6, 2009

Reservoirs in Sri Lanka

The Victoria Reservoir

Victoria dam is the highest dam in Sri Lanka and has the largest Power Station in the country. Victoria Reservoir was constructed under the Accelerated Mahaweli Development Programme. Construction work was ceremonially inaugurated on this Project by President Jayawardana on August 14, 1978. It was ceremonially commissioned on April 12th 1985.The Reservoir constructed with the support of the Government of UK had the biggest social impact and human commitment so far. It internally relocated more than 6000 families.

The Victoria dam is located in a deeply incised gorge in the Dumbare Valley, immediately downstream of the confluence of the River Mahaweli & the Hulu Ganga River in Teldeniya. A unique feature of the Victoria dam is automatically opening spillway crest gates to water when the reservoir level rises beyond full supply level.

Specifics of Victoria Reservoir

Catchment 189 Sq. Km
Length of Dam 522 m.
Height of Dam 122 m.
Capacity 722 millions cu.m

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