Wednesday, March 23, 2011

White-Rumped Munia (Lonchura Striata)

 Today my eye caught a bird breaking leave & small branches for building his nest. My camera was started.
I followed him here and there and find out where is he going. There is a small garden tree in my place and he was building his nest on that tree.
I went closely and I saw nice pair & they are building their nest get together.
What a nice Pair I saw. Unfortunately I couldn't capture them from another different angle.    


texwisgirl said...

Nice job.

(By the way, I try to take closer photos of the birds at my place if at all possible. Currently I only have a 300mm zoom lens so if they are at the other side of the pond - like the hawk today - that's the best I can capture. I'll keep trying.)

rainfield61 said...

Maybe you can try talking to them.

Robin said...

I look forward to more pictures of this wonderful bird! Hope they have a big clutch of young!

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