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Sri Lanka - the Destination of Wonder by Sandamalee de Fonseka

Sri Lanka - the Destination of Wonder

The earliest maps of the world show Sri Lanka 14 times larger than its size. In a time before today's satellites or other modern technology to determine a country's size, this mistake could easily be excused. However, it is remarkable here because the outline of other countries and continents are quite close to its real size.

In the absence of satellites or other more reliable technology, Greek scientists such as Ptolemy relied heavily on the experience and tales of explorers and navigators. Tales he heard of Sri Lanka, or Tabrobane to the ancient Greeks, led him to believe Sri Lanka as a much larger country.

With the vibrant culture and the diverse topography it is indeed hard to believe that Sri Lanka is a tiny spec of gold in the vast Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka, many believe is the paradise from which Adam and Eve were exiled from. Given the lushness and the unparalleled natural beauty, and the kindness and open-hearted hospitality of the people in the island, it is not hard to imagine Sri Lanka as something out of this world. Sri Lanka has the charm and the richness to fascinate any visitor. If you a history buff, Sri Lanka has a written history of no less than 2,500 years! This chronicle has also been the source for the neighboring countries to determine the specifics of their own history. If you are into ancient architecture, then the structures of centuries past would astound you.

If you are a lover of nature, then you will find from the sweetest butterfly to the largest mammal - the whale and many other creatures in between, often rare or unique. The natural rain forests and vegetation in the dry zones will only captivate you further. If your

interest lies in people, then you could do a thesis on a society woven from a rich fabric of ethnicity, social status and region. If you love fun and adventure, then where else would you find sunny golden beaches, good food and carefree people as in Sri Lanka?

A simple article as this cannot possibly cover more than an introduction to this great paradise. Travel portals such as does more justice to the interested reader, as it covers besides an 'insiders' information on Sri Lanka, the unique cuisine of Sri Lanka.

Like most Asian food, Sri Lankan cuisine comprises mainly of curries, is often hot and spicy, and coconut-based. The key difference lies in the cooking methods. The absence of sauces, artificial coloring and flavors ensures that the flavor of the dish is predominant. That is, a vegetable curry would taste of the vegetable and could be recognized as a dish of that vegetable. Cooking time is often short to retain the texture and color of the main ingredient. The absence of animal fat and the use of coconut and coconut oil have ensured that the typical Sri Lankan dish is not only fresh and delectable, but also very healthy.

The Sri Lankan menu carefully balances between spicy and non-spicy dishes, variety and color combination. The ancient ayurvedic principles dorminate the ingredients making Sri Lankan cuisine one of the healthiest.

Another way to discover Sri Lanka, besides would be to hop into a plane and come to Sri Lanka and make memories to last a lifetime!

About the Author

Sandamalee foundered Amazing Lanka Tours & Travels (Pvt.) Ltd to bring the world to the classy travel destination - Sri Lanka. Her core-product, where guests cook one-on-one with renowned chefs proves food is her passion. Sandamalee's mission is to bring Sri Lankan cuisine, one of the least known culinary delights, to the World palette.

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