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Water Falls in Nuwara Eliya

Water Falls in Nuwara Eliya

Lover's Leap - Nuwara Eliya

This is off the Nuwara Eliya - Kandapola Road. The waters are taken to brew the famous Nuwara Eliya Beer. It is said how an eloping couple, pursued by an irate father, threw themselves over the falls.

The Story

In past a Sri Lankan girl and a foreign boy felt in love. After some times the boy went his country by promising comes back. But within a very long period he didn’t come back. So girl thought that, he may be never come and worried about that. So she went to the water fall and Jumped. But that foreign boy came back and heard about his girl friend. After that he too jumped to the same water fall. Because of that people say Lover’s Leap.

Baker's World Waterfall

Baker's waterfall is situated in Horton Plains, Sri Lanka. This waterfalls is height about 22 meters. It is very beautiful because in various corners we can see various sceneries. In top side we can see a pool and this point fall divide more than thousand of parts and made beautiful scenery in middle of the fall. Below the middle of fall there has another waterfall..

Devon waterfall

A Devon waterfall of Sri Lanka is one of very beautiful waterfall of Sri Lanka and which is situated at Thalawakale of Sri Lanka. This falls is high above 1159m from sea level. This falls at between Thalawakele and Hatton and situated at 20mile place. This waterfall is height about 98m. Devon waterfall is at Dimbula area of Thalawakele and very closed to St. Clair waterfall. There is a bungalow which was made by British governor at 1923 in front of Devon falls. Visit Devon waterfall is some what easy task because Devon waterfalls at closed to Nuwaraeliya Hatton Main road.

St.Clair Water Fall

St.Clair is a name of the tea estate and a cool climate place of Thalawakele of Sri Lanka. St.clair waterfall is a very beautiful and wide waterfall of Sri Lanka. St.clair is a place between Hatton and Thalawakale. Both places are at Nuwaraeliya district of Sri Lanka. Devon waterfalls, St.clair waterfalls and many beautiful waterfalls are at Kothmale River.

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