Saturday, December 18, 2010

Village Life in Sri Lanka

Village life in Sri Lanka is most important topic to talk. It is appeared Cultural & Social aspects in Sri Lanka. Most of the Villages are still not modernization. So still we can see different cultural & Social habbits, festivals, dancing etc… in villages. Villages are ideal for relaxation. Most of the Sri Lankan Villages are based on Rubber Cutting, Tea Plantation, Fishing, Coconut plantation, Paddy Fields & other Agri based productions.

In past, main aspects in a Village are Temple (or other Religion Place), Paddy Field & Tank. They lived by farming their own. In the morning time you can hear bird’s songs, you can smell fresh flower’s smell, you can bath cool water, you can see how sun rise etc…
Some Villages have natural ponds, tanks, river, waterfalls, tea estates, rubber estates, coconut estates, paddy fields & flower gardens. People who live in those villages use above natural resourses for earning money. Some villages like Galgamuwa, Ehatuwewa, Anuradhapura etc… are facing treat of Elephant. Village people live simply in harmony with the environment, including insects which bite!. Music & Poetry has always been a part of Sri Lankan Village lifes. Sometimes Villagers are suffuring from the rain, sometimes face difficulty to find water. But by facing all the problems thhey live happly. So….. if you realy want to enjoy village life come and visit atleast one village in Sri Lanka.

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